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NATIONAL WATERMELON DAY – Just in time to save you from that brutal summer heat, it’s time to celebrate National Watermelon Day! Although there isn’t much known about the origins of this juicy holiday, each year on Aug. 3, the refreshing fruit is commemorated for both its existence and sweet taste.

With a name like watermelon, one would expect it to be juicy, scrumptious and amazing. National Watermelon Day recognizes the refreshing summertime treat enjoyed at picnics and fairs! Watermelon is 92% water, which is why it is so satisfying in the summer heat. The sweet flavor that explodes in your mouth with every bite, this fruit lives up to a crowned ‘favorite fruit’ of children the world over.

How to Celebrate?

Celebrate the holiday by having watermelon for all your meals. Have a big glass of watermelon juice for breakfast; make a lovely watermelon, feta cheese, and mint salad for lunch; and for dinner, make watermelon salsa to go with your fish. And finally, make some refreshing watermelon sorbet to end the day on a high note.

Of course, have slices of the fruit as a snack all through the day.

Have a garden? Why not spend the day finding out how you can plant a watermelon plant in your yard. When you have a watermelon garden, all you’ll need to do is take a walk in your garden for Watermelon Day next year.

That sweet taste of watermelon on the rind may just be one of the best ways to share it this Watermelon Day. Cut up the melon, plate it up, add a little salt or sugar if that is your preference, and enjoy the delight of sweetness this summer.

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Watermelons are mostly water – about 92 percent – but this refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients. Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. There’s even a modest amount of potassium. Plus, this quintessential summer snack is fat-free, very low in sodium and has only 40 calories per cup. Because of its high water content, watermelon is a good thirst quencher. Watermelons are one of the main sources of water during the dry, hot season. Some studies have shown that the antioxidants in watermelon – carotenoid and lycopene – can reduce the risk of some types of cancer. 

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With a name like watermelon, one would expect it to be juicy, scrumptious and amazing. The watermelon meets, and in every case, exceeds that very exclamation.

All parts of the fruit are edible – its flesh can be eaten as is, cooked or juiced. In many parts of the world, the rind or the thick green outer covering of the fruit is stewed, fried or pickled. In some parts of in the China, watermelon seeds are dried and roasted a nd enjoyed like nuts.

Please enjoy the watermelon day !

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The presence of so much water makes this melon an impressive addition to the fruit family. Here it comes, the carefully procured but wonderfully amazing, Watermelon Day! Watermelons are cool, delicious and healthy and thus make for a perfect summer snack. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Watermelons also help prevent or minimize the effects of asthma, high blood pressure, indigestion, cancer, muscle soreness, inflammation and dehydration.

From a simple slice, to sweet smoothies, to spicy salsas, there’s no wonder watermelon is a summertime (and year-round) favorite. Celebrate the sweetest of holidays by raising a wedge to a chin-dribblin’ good time! Be happy!

With the great benefits that watermelon brings, honoring this fruit is necessary. Affirming the role of watermelon is important for human health. Thereby, it is recommended that people eat watermelon in a reasonable way to make full use of the nutritional value that watermelon brings.

Get ready for the Happiest Day of the year, National Watermelon Day! And the fun doesn’t stop at the country’s borders. People of the world, lay down your burdens, prejudices, and woes on August 3. Celebrate our shared love of The Fruits of Summer… the watermelon!

We love National Watermelon Day!

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