The melody from life! International Country Music Day

International Country Music Day is celebrated on September 17 of every year. The unofficial holiday was created in 2003 as a way to bring together musicians and fans of the popular music genre, and to increase the number of country music aficionados around the world. Unlike the prevailing European music at that time, however, country music took on a very distinct American flavor when it came to song lyrics. Singers and musicians avoided lyrics about love and romance, and instead sang about the daily life struggles of an ordinary working class person.

Country music differs from other types of music. The celebration of the day encourage and promote the country music globally and to unite the fans and artists from all over the world. Celebrate International Country Music Day with your favorite country music or the instruments.

On this special day country music festivals are held at various venues around the world. Lovers of country music gather to listen to live music acts while drinking and dancing. Line dancing is popular during International Country Music Day and competitions are often held to determine the best dancers.

How to Celebrate on International Country Music Day?

  • Celebrate this musical holiday by listening to all your favorite country music songs.
  • If you have never been introduced to this genre of music, today is the perfect reason to take some time off, put in your ear phones and discover the wonderful, melodious world of country music.
  • Visit a local country music concert or host a country music party at home. Play country music and have your guests come dressed as their favorite country music artist.

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One can speculate about the reasons for this popularity. Simple messages, compelling ballads, empathetic stories and themes highlighting the problems of the “common man” no doubt play a part in this popularity. Country music has also been inclusive of many styles, and a new breed of younger stars such as Taylor Swift, Faith Hill and LeAnn Rimes have spread the country message to younger generations while generating crossover appeal among devotees of other music genres.

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Country music has not only influenced music, but has also popularized various fashion trends, such as boots and denim jeans, jackets, shirts and skirts, as well as cowboy hats. Country music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. a T-shirt design with the image of a man with a country style suit is also a suggestion for you on International Country Music Day.

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Music is associated with our lives. It’s hard to imagine a world without musical notes. Not only does it bring joy, nurture positive emotions, these spiritual foods are also the glue that makes community connections. Music is an essential part of the evolution of humankind in general, and the process of physical and mental improvement of each individual.

Not only stop by the wonderful things that music brings to the soul of each of us,

but also good for health. The good effect of music on the human brain. Especially, you should listent to soft music like country music!

This is a vibrant event that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In order to fully embrace the fun of International Country Music Day, it is important to look the part.

Country Music, as we have also proved, can be any form of music; traditional, eastern, western – reflecting the cultures of the people; the values of society. Country music, unlike any other music form is easily reflected in its name itself “COUNTRY”. Where there is a country and people who are friendly, there is country music.

The effect of music on humans is miraculous and wonderful, so if conditions permit you to use music more often.

Today is “International Country Music Day”as a way to bring together musicians and fans of the popular music genre, and to increase the number of country music aficionados around the world.

“My definition of country music is really pretty simple. It’s when someone sings about their life and what they know, from an authentic place.” – Taylor Swift

Happy International Country Music Day!

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