Top Travel Tips For Your Long Drive By Car

Are you thinking of going on a long trip in your car? Then it is a great idea. Even the idea of a long trip makes you more enthusiastic. Your children get thrilled. It gives a different type of pleasure. Everybody wants to go on a long trip with his/her family or friends. A long trip makes your mind free from all the tensions and gives you peace. In this article, let us focus on top travel tips for your long drive by car.

Working professionals, go for a long trip within every 6 to 7 months. The trip makes their life stress-free. They also get memorable moments during the trip. The benefits of going to a new place – new culture, enjoying the natural scenic spots, visiting historic monuments and more. Traveling is more about knowing your own “self” and the talents of your family members.

In this article, permit us to give you some top travel tips for your long drive by car making the trip a memorable one. Following the tips will also make the journey a hassle-free trip for your family members.

A. Select Vehicle

Are you going on a long trip? Then, make sure that you have your car according to the number of people. If you are a 5 member team, then any hatchback or sedan car is perfect. If you are 7 or 8 members, then any SUV car is perfect for the trip. The main reason behind the car is the comfortability of every person. If it is a long trip, then every member of your family must feel comfortable. Make sure you are properly aware of the destination. Ensure everyone in the car buckles his/her seatbelt.

B. Sleep Time

Whenever you are going for a long trip, it is important to get proper sleep before the night of the trip. You should avoid night rides. Make sure you cover many miles in the day only.

C. Fuel Up

You need to fill the fuel tank of the car (complete). There should be no hassles during the journey. Don’t wait for the petrol stations to come your way on the journey. Whenever an indicator hit a quarter of the fuel tank, start searching for the fuel station to refuel your car. On an unknown road, you never know when and where the next petrol station will appear.

D. Plan Stops

When you know the destination and direction of your trip, the journey becomes more relaxing and enjoyable. Plan your stops as per the requirements of your family members. Take stops on time, stretch your legs and hands for giving them relaxation. Your stop can be your fuel filling station, mealtime or viewing some locations between the way.

Taking a break after 200 or 250 km is highly recommended. Break to fill the tank, for eating and other activities. Taking a break gives you energy for your next ride.

E. Stay In The Best of Health

Heavy food or fast food is not a good idea for a long trip. It makes you more drowsy. You will feel uncomfortable. Have some healthy food at proper intervals and have water for proper hydration.

Eat Local Hygiene Food

If you are going to a new place for a trip, prefer to eat local food in restaurants that follow hygiene procedures. You should take care to read the reviews before starting the journey and divide the time to visit the concerned restaurant.

Eatable Items

If you have children as part of the travel team, ensure to have biscuits with protein. You cannot ask them to control hunger.

F.  Use GPS or Maps

Using GPS in the way is a good idea for knowing the location. Many times, the mobile does not show a position because of a network problem. So, it is better to save offline maps or take a blueprint of the map of the route.

G. Soul Music

Music gives you more pleasure and makes your trip a memorable one.

H. Comfortable Dress

Your trip is going to be very long. Wear those clothes in which you are comfortable. Slim fit clothes only make you feel uncomfortable. You will have a problem riding the car. If your family members have put the same type of dresses, then they will also feel uncomfortable.

You need to put the right kind of clothes for making the journey a happy and hassle-free trip.

I. Straight Posture

Make sure your seat is perfectly adjusted according to the body. If the seat is adjusted, it gives  proper and maximum blood flow to your body. You can enjoy the trip. If you are not feeling comfortable, take a deep breath and adjust your seat properly for your comfort.

J. Entertainment

Are you going on a long trip with children? Then, keep some games for playing and some books for reading in your car. The reason, children don’t feel bored and keep enjoying the trip. Play good music from time to time so that everybody enjoys the trip.

K. Share The Wheel

If there is more than one driver, share the wheel. Ensure that he/she is licensed to drive. You will not feel tired and can ride perfectly afterward. It is recommended that a person should not drive more than 10 hours per day.

L. PreBooking

Do you have to stay for the night? Then ensure the booking is done before your visit. In the end, moment, do not rush to complete the booking procedure.

M. Road Rules

Drive with full concentration. The reason, your family members are with you. Do not get distracted by cell phones, do not speed over the limit or indulge in overtake drives.


Do not partake drugs or use alcohol the day before the trip. The intoxication of any kind is a no-no.

Do Not Forget To Take Pictures

During the trip, you need to take photos to ensure the memory is stored forever.


Just keep some tips in your mind. Now, enjoy the trip and make it trip a memorable one. Trips make you more enthusiastic and give you more energy. If you are going on a trip by car, you need to keep all the above-given tips in our mind. If there is any problem in the car, give your car for servicing. Many service providers provide doorstep service for your car and at a very reasonable price. Do you stay in Pune? Then search for the best home appliance repair companies in Pune. They will have the most experienced bike mechanics in Pune or car mechanics in the city on their payrolls. You just need to book your service online from the app or the website. You can select the best car mechanic in Pune and make him come to your home at the scheduled time. If the problem is minor, he will solve it at your house. If there is any major problem, he will take the vehicle to the service station and get it fixed. But before replacing the parts, he will seek your permission. Then, he will deliver the vehicle back to your doorstep at the given time. All car mechanics are highly professional and well trained in their work.

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